Package buildbot :: Package process :: Module botmaster :: Class BuildRequestDistributor
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Class BuildRequestDistributor

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twisted.application.service.Service --+

Special-purpose class to handle distributing build requests to builders by calling their maybeStartBuild method.

This takes account of the prioritizeBuilders configuration, and is highly re-entrant; that is, if a new build request arrives while builders are still working on the previous build request, then this class will correctly re-prioritize invocations of builders' maybeStartBuild methods.

Instance Methods
__init__(self, botmaster) source code
stopService(self) source code
maybeStartBuildsOn(*args, **kwargs)
Try to start any builds that can be started right now.
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Inherited from twisted.application.service.Service: __getstate__, __providedBy__, __provides__, disownServiceParent, privilegedStartService, setName, setServiceParent, startService

Class Variables

Inherited from twisted.application.service.Service: __implemented__, name, parent, running

Method Details


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Overrides: twisted.application.service.Service.stopService

maybeStartBuildsOn(*args, **kwargs)

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Try to start any builds that can be started right now. This function returns immediately, and promises to trigger those builders eventually.

  • new_builders - names of new builders that should be given the opportunity to check for new requests.
  • @defer.deferredGenerator