Package buildbot :: Package clients :: Module gtkPanes :: Class GtkClient
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Class GtkClient

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base.TextClient --+

Nested Classes
Instance Methods
__init__(self, master, events="steps", username="statusClient", passwd="clientpw") source code
connected(self, ref) source code

Inherited from base.TextClient: disconnected, not_connected, run, startConnecting

Method Details

__init__(self, master, events="steps", username="statusClient", passwd="clientpw")

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  • master - a host:port string to masters buildbot.status.client.PBListener
  • username
  • passwd
  • events - specify what level of detail should be reported.
    • 'builders': only announce new/removed Builders
    • 'builds': also announce builderChangedState, buildStarted, and buildFinished
    • 'steps': also announce buildETAUpdate, stepStarted, stepFinished
    • 'logs': also announce stepETAUpdate, logStarted, logFinished
    • 'full': also announce log contents
Overrides: base.TextClient.__init__
(inherited documentation)

connected(self, ref)

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Overrides: base.TextClient.connected