Package buildbot :: Package steps :: Module transfer :: Class StatusRemoteCommand
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Class StatusRemoteCommand

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 twisted.spread.jelly.Jellyable --+            
twisted.spread.flavors.Serializable --+        
   twisted.spread.flavors.Referenceable --+    
            process.buildstep.RemoteCommand --+

Instance Methods
__init__(self, remote_command, args) source code
remoteUpdate(self, update) source code

Inherited from process.buildstep.RemoteCommand: interrupt, remoteComplete, remote_complete, remote_update, run, start

Inherited from twisted.spread.flavors.Referenceable: __provides__, jellyFor, remoteMessageReceived

Inherited from twisted.spread.flavors.Serializable: processUniqueID

Inherited from twisted.spread.jelly.Jellyable: __providedBy__, getStateFor

Class Variables

Inherited from process.buildstep.RemoteCommand: commandCounter

Inherited from twisted.spread.flavors.Referenceable: __implemented__, perspective

Instance Variables

Inherited from process.buildstep.RemoteCommand: active

Method Details

__init__(self, remote_command, args)

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  • remote_command - remote command to start. This will be passed to and needs to have been registered slave-side in buildbot.slave.registry
  • args - arguments to send to the remote command
  • ignore_updates - if true, ignore any updates from the slave side
Overrides: process.buildstep.RemoteCommand.__init__
(inherited documentation)

remoteUpdate(self, update)

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Overrides: process.buildstep.RemoteCommand.remoteUpdate