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Class Bzr

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   process.buildstep.BuildStep --+        
process.buildstep.LoggingBuildStep --+    
                                Source --+

Check out a source tree from a bzr (Bazaar) repository at 'repourl'.

Instance Methods
__init__(self, repourl=None, baseURL=None, defaultBranch=None, forceSharedRepo=None, **kwargs) source code
computeSourceRevision(self, changes)
Each subclass must implement this method to do something more precise than -rHEAD every time.
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startVC(self, branch, revision, patch) source code

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Class Variables
  name = 'bzr'
  renderables = ['repourl', 'baseURL']

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Instance Variables

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Method Details

__init__(self, repourl=None, baseURL=None, defaultBranch=None, forceSharedRepo=None, **kwargs)

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  • repourl (string) - the URL which points at the bzr repository. This is used as the default branch. Using repourl does not enable builds of alternate branches: use baseURL to enable this. Use either repourl or baseURL, not both.
  • baseURL - if branches are enabled, this is the base URL to which a branch name will be appended. It should probably end in a slash. Use exactly one of repourl and baseURL.
  • defaultBranch - if branches are enabled, this is the branch to use if the Build does not specify one explicitly. It will simply be appended to baseURL and the result handed to the 'bzr checkout pull' command.
  • forceSharedRepo - Boolean, defaults to False. If set to True, the working directory will be made into a bzr shared repository if it is not already. Shared repository greatly reduces the amount of history data that needs to be downloaded if not using update/copy mode, or if using update/copy mode with multiple branches.
Overrides: process.buildstep.BuildStep.__init__

computeSourceRevision(self, changes)

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Each subclass must implement this method to do something more precise than -rHEAD every time. For version control systems that use repository-wide change numbers (SVN, P4), this can simply take the maximum such number from all the changes involved in this build. For systems that do not (CVS), it needs to create a timestamp based upon the latest Change, the Build's treeStableTimer, and an optional self.checkoutDelay value.

Overrides: Source.computeSourceRevision
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