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Class TreeSize

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   process.buildstep.BuildStep --+        
process.buildstep.LoggingBuildStep --+    
                          ShellCommand --+

Instance Methods
commandComplete(self, cmd)
This is a general-purpose hook method for subclasses.
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evaluateCommand(self, cmd)
Decide whether the command was SUCCESS, WARNINGS, or FAILURE.
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getText(self, cmd, results) source code

Inherited from ShellCommand: __init__, buildCommandKwargs, describe, getWorkdir, setBuild, setCommand, setDefaultWorkdir, setStepStatus, setupEnvironment, start

Inherited from process.buildstep.LoggingBuildStep: addLogFile, checkDisconnect, createSummary, getText2, interrupt, maybeGetText2, setStatus, setupLogfiles, startCommand

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Class Variables
  name = 'treesize'
  command = ['du', '-s', '-k', '.']
a list of renderable objects (typically strings or WithProperties instances).
  description = 'measuring tree size'
  descriptionDone = 'tree size measured'
  kib = None

Inherited from ShellCommand: flunkOnFailure, renderables

Inherited from process.buildstep.LoggingBuildStep: cmd, parms, progressMetrics

Inherited from process.buildstep.BuildStep: alwaysRun, doStepIf, flunkOnWarnings, haltOnFailure, locks, useProgress, warnOnFailure, warnOnWarnings

Instance Variables

Inherited from ShellCommand: lazylogfiles, logfiles

Inherited from process.buildstep.BuildStep: build, progress, step_status

Method Details

commandComplete(self, cmd)

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This is a general-purpose hook method for subclasses. It will be called after the remote command has finished, but before any of the other hook functions are called.

Overrides: process.buildstep.LoggingBuildStep.commandComplete
(inherited documentation)

evaluateCommand(self, cmd)

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Decide whether the command was SUCCESS, WARNINGS, or FAILURE. Override this to, say, declare WARNINGS if there is any stderr activity, or to say that rc!=0 is not actually an error.

Overrides: process.buildstep.LoggingBuildStep.evaluateCommand
(inherited documentation)

getText(self, cmd, results)

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Overrides: process.buildstep.LoggingBuildStep.getText