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Class MtrLogObserver

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buildstep.LogObserver --+    
buildstep.LogLineObserver --+
Known Subclasses:

Class implementing a log observer (can be passed to BuildStep.addLogObserver().

It parses the output of as used in MySQL, MariaDB, Drizzle, etc.

It counts number of tests run and uses it to provide more accurate completion estimates.

It parses out test failures from the output and summarises the results on the Waterfall page. It also passes the information to methods that can be overridden in a subclass to do further processing on the information.

Instance Methods
__init__(self, textLimit=5, testNameLimit=16, testType=None) source code
setLog(self, loog) source code
outLineReceived(self, line)
This will be called with complete stdout lines (not including the delimiter).
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openTestFail(self, testname, variant, result, info, line) source code
addTestFailOutput(self, line) source code
closeTestFail(self) source code
addToText(self, src, dst) source code
makeText(self, done) source code
updateText(self) source code
displayTestName(self, testname) source code
doCollectTestFail(self, testname, variant, result, info, text) source code
doCollectWarningTests(self, testList) source code
collectTestFail(self, testname, variant, result, info, text) source code
collectWarningTests(self, testList) source code

Inherited from buildstep.LogLineObserver: errLineReceived, errReceived, outReceived, setMaxLineLength

Inherited from buildstep.LogObserver: __providedBy__, __provides__, logChunk, setStep

Class Variables
  strip_re = re.compile(r'^[a-z]+\.')

Inherited from buildstep.LogObserver: __implemented__

Method Details

__init__(self, textLimit=5, testNameLimit=16, testType=None)

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Overrides: buildstep.LogLineObserver.__init__

setLog(self, loog)

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Overrides: buildstep.LogObserver.setLog

outLineReceived(self, line)

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This will be called with complete stdout lines (not including the delimiter). Override this in your observer.

Overrides: buildstep.LogLineObserver.outLineReceived
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