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Class BaseLockId

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util.ComparableMixin --+
Known Subclasses:

Abstract base class for LockId classes.

Sets up the 'access()' function for the LockId's available to the user
(MasterLock and SlaveLock classes).
Derived classes should add
- Comparison with the L{util.ComparableMixin} via the L{compare_attrs}
  class variable.
- Link to the actual lock class should be added with the L{lockClass}
  class variable.

Instance Methods
access(self, mode)
Express how the lock should be accessed
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For buildbot 0.7.7 compability: When user doesn't specify an access mode, this one is chosen.
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Inherited from util.ComparableMixin: __cmp__, __hash__, __providedBy__, __provides__

Class Variables

Inherited from util.ComparableMixin: __implemented__, compare_attrs