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Class StatusClientPerspective

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         base.StatusReceiver --+    
twisted.spread.pb.Avatar --+   |    
                           |   |    
   pbutil.NewCredPerspective --+    
  base.StatusReceiverPerspective --+

Instance Methods
__init__(self, status) source code
__getstate__(self) source code
attached(self, mind) source code
detached(self, mind) source code
perspective_subscribe(self, mode, interval, target)
The remote client wishes to subscribe to some set of events.
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perspective_unsubscribe(self) source code
This returns tuples of (buildset, bsid), because that is much more convenient for tryclient.
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perspective_getBuilderNames(self) source code
perspective_getBuilder(self, name) source code
perspective_getSlave(self, name) source code
Ping method to allow pb clients to validate their connections.
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builderAdded(self, name, builder) source code
builderChangedState(self, name, state) source code
builderRemoved(self, name) source code
buildsetSubmitted(self, buildset) source code
buildStarted(self, name, build) source code
buildFinished(self, name, build, results) source code
buildETAUpdate(self, build, eta) source code
stepStarted(self, build, step) source code
stepFinished(self, build, step, results) source code
stepETAUpdate(self, build, step, ETA, expectations) source code
logStarted(self, build, step, log) source code
logFinished(self, build, step, log) source code
logChunk(self, build, step, log, channel, text) source code

Inherited from base.StatusReceiverPerspective: __provides__

Inherited from base.StatusReceiver: __providedBy__, changeAdded, requestCancelled, requestSubmitted, slaveConnected, slaveDisconnected, stepText2Changed, stepTextChanged

Inherited from twisted.spread.pb.Avatar: perspectiveMessageReceived

Class Variables
  subscribed = None
  client = None

Inherited from base.StatusReceiverPerspective: __implemented__

Method Details

attached(self, mind)

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Overrides: pbutil.NewCredPerspective.attached

detached(self, mind)

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Overrides: pbutil.NewCredPerspective.detached

perspective_subscribe(self, mode, interval, target)

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The remote client wishes to subscribe to some set of events. 'target' will be sent remote messages when these events happen. 'mode' indicates which events are desired: it is a string with one of the following values:

'builders': builderAdded, builderRemoved 'builds': those plus builderChangedState, buildStarted, buildFinished 'steps': all those plus buildETAUpdate, stepStarted, stepFinished 'logs': all those plus stepETAUpdate, logStarted, logFinished 'full': all those plus logChunk (with the log contents)

Messages are defined by buildbot.interfaces.IStatusReceiver . 'interval' is used to specify how frequently ETAUpdate messages should be sent.

Raising or lowering the subscription level will take effect starting with the next build or step.

builderAdded(self, name, builder)

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Overrides: base.StatusReceiver.builderAdded

builderChangedState(self, name, state)

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Overrides: base.StatusReceiver.builderChangedState

builderRemoved(self, name)

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Overrides: base.StatusReceiver.builderRemoved

buildsetSubmitted(self, buildset)

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Overrides: base.StatusReceiver.buildsetSubmitted

buildStarted(self, name, build)

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Overrides: base.StatusReceiver.buildStarted

buildFinished(self, name, build, results)

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Overrides: base.StatusReceiver.buildFinished

buildETAUpdate(self, build, eta)

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Overrides: base.StatusReceiver.buildETAUpdate

stepStarted(self, build, step)

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Overrides: base.StatusReceiver.stepStarted

stepFinished(self, build, step, results)

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Overrides: base.StatusReceiver.stepFinished

stepETAUpdate(self, build, step, ETA, expectations)

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Overrides: base.StatusReceiver.stepETAUpdate

logStarted(self, build, step, log)

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Overrides: base.StatusReceiver.logStarted

logFinished(self, build, step, log)

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Overrides: base.StatusReceiver.logFinished

logChunk(self, build, step, log, channel, text)

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Overrides: base.StatusReceiver.logChunk