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Class Triggerable

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 twisted.application.service.Service --+        
twisted.application.service.MultiService --+    
                    util.ComparableMixin --+    
                          base.BaseScheduler --+

This scheduler doesn't do anything until it is triggered by a Trigger step in a factory. In general, that step will not complete until all of the builds that I fire have finished.

Instance Methods
__init__(self, name, builderNames, properties={}) source code
trigger(self, ss, set_props=None)
Trigger this scheduler.
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run(self) source code

Inherited from base.BaseScheduler: __provides__, compareToOther, create_buildset, getPendingBuildTimes, get_initial_state, get_state, listBuilderNames, set_state

Inherited from twisted.application.service.MultiService: __iter__, addService, getServiceNamed, privilegedStartService, removeService, startService, stopService

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Class Variables
  compare_attrs = ('name', 'builderNames', 'properties')

Inherited from base.BaseScheduler: __implemented__, upstream_name

Inherited from twisted.application.service.Service: name, parent, running

Method Details

__init__(self, name, builderNames, properties={})

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Overrides: twisted.application.service.MultiService.__init__

trigger(self, ss, set_props=None)

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Trigger this scheduler. Returns a deferred that will fire when the buildset is finished.