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Class AuthorizedKeysManhole

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 twisted.application.service.Service --+        
twisted.application.service.MultiService --+    
                                _BaseManhole --+
                        util.ComparableMixin --+

This Manhole accepts ssh connections, and requires that the prospective client have an ssh private key that matches one of the public keys in our authorized_keys file. It is created with the name of a file that contains the public keys that we will accept.

Instance Methods
__init__(self, port, keyfile) source code

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Class Variables
  compare_attrs = ["port", "keyfile"]

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Method Details

__init__(self, port, keyfile)

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  • port (string or int) - what port should the Manhole listen on? This is a strports specification string, like 'tcp:12345' or 'tcp:12345:interface='. Bare integers are treated as a simple tcp port.
  • keyfile - the name of a file (relative to the buildmaster's basedir) that contains SSH public keys of authorized users, one per line. This is the exact same format as used by sshd in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys .
Overrides: twisted.application.service.MultiService.__init__