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Class Status

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I represent the status of the buildmaster.

Instance Methods
__init__(self, botmaster, basedir) source code
cleanShutdown(self) source code
cancelCleanShutdown(self) source code
setDB(self, db) source code
getProjectName(self) source code
getProjectURL(self) source code
getBuildbotURL(self) source code
getURLForThing(self, thing) source code
getChangeSources(self) source code
getChange(self, number) source code
getSchedulers(self) source code
getBuilderNames(self, categories=None) source code
getBuilder(self, name) source code
getSlaveNames(self) source code
getSlave(self, slavename) source code
getBuildSets(self) source code
generateFinishedBuilds(self, builders=[], branches=[], num_builds=None, finished_before=None, max_search=200) source code
subscribe(self, target) source code
unsubscribe(self, target) source code
announceNewBuilder(self, target, name, builder_status) source code
builderAdded(self, name, basedir, category=None) source code
builderRemoved(self, name) source code
slaveConnected(self, name) source code
slaveDisconnected(self, name) source code
changeAdded(self, change) source code
asDict(self) source code
buildreqs_retired(self, requests) source code
get_buildreq_for_id(self, brid) source code
Object Specification Descriptor
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Class Variables
  __implemented__ = <implementedBy buildbot.status.builder.Status>
  __provides__ = <zope.interface.declarations.ClassProvides obje...
Method Details

__init__(self, botmaster, basedir)

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  • botmaster (buildbot.master.BotMaster) - the Status object uses .botmaster to get at both the buildbot.master.BuildMaster (for various buildbot-wide parameters) and the actual Builders (to get at their BuilderStatus objects). It is not allowed to change or influence anything through this reference.
  • basedir (string) - this provides a base directory in which saved status information (changes.pck, saved Build status pickles) can be stored

Class Variable Details


<zope.interface.declarations.ClassProvides object at 0x29f4f10>

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