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Class LogFileProducer

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What's the plan?

the LogFile has just one FD, used for both reading and writing. Each time you add an entry, to the end and then write.

Each reader (i.e. Producer) keeps track of their own offset. The reader starts by seeking to the start of the logfile, and reading forwards. Between each hunk of file they yield chunks, so they must remember their offset before yielding and re-seek back to that offset before reading more data. When their read() returns EOF, they're finished with the first phase of the reading (everything that's already been written to disk).

After EOF, the remaining data is entirely in the current entries list. These entries are all of the same channel, so we can do one "".join and obtain a single chunk to be sent to the listener. But since that involves a yield, and more data might arrive after we give up control, we have to subscribe them before yielding. We can't subscribe them any earlier, otherwise they'd get data out of order.

We're using a generator in the first place so that the listener can throttle us, which means they're pulling. But the subscription means we're pushing. Really we're a Producer. In the first phase we can be either a PullProducer or a PushProducer. In the second phase we're only a PushProducer.

So the client gives a LogFileConsumer to File.subscribeConsumer . This Consumer must have registerProducer(), unregisterProducer(), and writeChunk(), and is just like a regular twisted.interfaces.IConsumer, except that writeChunk() takes chunks (tuples of (channel,text)) instead of the normal write() which takes just text. The LogFileConsumer is allowed to call stopProducing, pauseProducing, and resumeProducing on the producer instance it is given.

Instance Methods
__init__(self, logfile, consumer) source code
getChunks(self) source code
stopProducing(self) source code
done(self) source code
pauseProducing(self) source code
resumeProducing(self) source code
logChunk(self, build, step, logfile, channel, chunk) source code
logfileFinished(self, logfile) source code
Class Variables
  paused = False
  subscribed = False