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Class Nightly

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 twisted.application.service.Service --+        
twisted.application.service.MultiService --+    
                    util.ComparableMixin --+    
                          base.BaseScheduler --+
                        base.ClassifierMixin --+
                             TimedBuildMixin --+

Imitate 'cron' scheduling. This can be used to schedule a nightly
build, or one which runs are certain times of the day, week, or month.

Pass some subset of minute, hour, dayOfMonth, month, and dayOfWeek; each
may be a single number or a list of valid values. The builds will be
triggered whenever the current time matches these values. Wildcards are
represented by a '*' string. All fields default to a wildcard except
'minute', so with no fields this defaults to a build every hour, on the

For example, the following master.cfg clause will cause a build to be
started every night at 3:00am::

 s = Nightly(name='nightly', builderNames=['builder1', 'builder2'],
             hour=3, minute=0)

This scheduler will perform a build each monday morning at 6:23am and
again at 8:23am::

 s = Nightly(name='BeforeWork', builderNames=['builder1'],
             dayOfWeek=0, hour=[6,8], minute=23)

The following runs a build every two hours::

 s = Nightly(name='every2hours', builderNames=['builder1'],
             hour=range(0, 24, 2))

And this one will run only on December 24th::

 s = Nightly(name='SleighPreflightCheck',
             builderNames=['flying_circuits', 'radar'],
             month=12, dayOfMonth=24, hour=12, minute=0)

For dayOfWeek and dayOfMonth, builds are triggered if the date matches
either of them. All time values are compared against the tuple returned
by time.localtime(), so month and dayOfMonth numbers start at 1, not
zero. dayOfWeek=0 is Monday, dayOfWeek=6 is Sunday.

When onlyIfChanged is True, the build is triggered only if changes have
arrived on the given branch since the last build was performed. As a
further restriction, if fileIsImportant= is provided (a one-argument
callable which takes a Change object and returns a bool), then the build
will be triggered only if at least one of those changes qualifies as
'important'. The following example will run a build at 3am, but only when
a source code file (.c/.h) has been changed:

 def isSourceFile(change):
     for fn in change.files:
         if fn.endswith('.c') or fn.endswith('.h'):
             return True
     return False
 s = Nightly(name='nightly-when-changed', builderNames=['builder1'],
             hour=3, minute=0,
             onlyIfChanged=True, fileIsImportant=isSourceFile)

onlyIfChanged defaults to False, which means a build will be performed
even if nothing has changed.

Instance Methods
__init__(self, name, builderNames, minute=0, hour='*', dayOfMonth='*', month='*', dayOfWeek='*', branch=None, fileIsImportant=None, onlyIfChanged=False, properties={}) source code
get_initial_state(self, max_changeid) source code
getPendingBuildTimes(self) source code
run(self) source code

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Class Variables
  compare_attrs = ('name', 'builderNames', 'minute', 'hour', 'da...

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Method Details

__init__(self, name, builderNames, minute=0, hour='*', dayOfMonth='*', month='*', dayOfWeek='*', branch=None, fileIsImportant=None, onlyIfChanged=False, properties={})

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Overrides: twisted.application.service.MultiService.__init__

get_initial_state(self, max_changeid)

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Overrides: base.BaseScheduler.get_initial_state


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Overrides: base.BaseScheduler.getPendingBuildTimes

Class Variable Details