Package buildbot :: Module master :: Class BuildMaster
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Class BuildMaster

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 twisted.application.service.Service --+    
twisted.application.service.MultiService --+
Known Subclasses:

Instance Methods
__init__(self, basedir, configFileName='master.cfg', db_spec=None) source code
startService(self) source code
getStatus(self) source code
loadTheConfigFile(self, configFile=None) source code
loadConfig(self, f, check_synchronously_only=False)
Internal function to load a specific configuration file.
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loadDatabase(self, db_spec, db_poll_interval=None) source code
loadConfig_Database(self, db_url, db_poll_interval) source code
loadConfig_Slaves(self, new_slaves) source code
loadConfig_Sources(self, sources) source code
allSchedulers(self) source code
loadConfig_Builders(self, newBuilderData) source code
loadConfig_status(self, status) source code
addChange(self, change) source code
triggerSlaveManager(self) source code
submitBuildSet(self, builderNames, ss, reason, props=None, now=False) source code

Inherited from twisted.application.service.MultiService: __iter__, addService, getServiceNamed, privilegedStartService, removeService, stopService

Inherited from twisted.application.service.Service: __getstate__, __providedBy__, disownServiceParent, setName, setServiceParent

Class Variables
  debug = 0
  manhole = None
  debugPassword = None
  projectName = '(unspecified)'
  projectURL = None
  buildbotURL = None
  change_svc = None
  properties = {}
  __implemented__ = <implementedBy buildbot.master.BuildMaster>
  __provides__ = <zope.interface.declarations.ClassProvides obje...

Inherited from twisted.application.service.Service: name, parent, running

Method Details

__init__(self, basedir, configFileName='master.cfg', db_spec=None)

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Overrides: twisted.application.service.MultiService.__init__


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Overrides: twisted.application.service.Service.startService

loadConfig(self, f, check_synchronously_only=False)

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Internal function to load a specific configuration file. Any errors in the file will be signalled by raising an exception.

If check_synchronously_only=True, I will return (with None) synchronously, after checking the config file for sanity, or raise an exception. I may also emit some DeprecationWarnings.

If check_synchronously_only=False, I will return a Deferred that fires (with None) when the configuration changes have been completed. This may involve a round-trip to each buildslave that was involved.

Class Variable Details


<zope.interface.declarations.ClassProvides object at 0x1eb3c50>