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Class BuildStepStatus

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twisted.persisted.styles.Versioned --+

I represent a collection of output status for a buildbot.process.step.BuildStep.

Statistics contain any information gleaned from a step that is not in the form of a logfile. As an example, steps that run tests might gather statistics about the number of passed, failed, or skipped tests.

Instance Methods
__init__(self, parent) source code
Returns a short string with the name of this step.
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getBuild(self) source code
getTimes(self) source code
Returns a list of tuples (name, current, target).
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getLogs(self) source code
getURLs(self) source code
isStarted(self) source code
isFinished(self) source code
waitUntilFinished(self) source code
getETA(self) source code
Returns a list of strings which describe the step.
source code
tuple of int, list of strings
Return a tuple describing the results of the step.
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hasStatistic(self, name)
Return true if this step has a value for the given statistic.
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getStatistic(self, name, default=None)
Return the given statistic, if present
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subscribe(self, receiver, updateInterval=10) source code
sendETAUpdate(self, receiver, updateInterval) source code
unsubscribe(self, receiver) source code
setName(self, stepname) source code
setColor(self, color) source code
setProgress(self, stepprogress) source code
stepStarted(self) source code
addLog(self, name) source code
addHTMLLog(self, name, html) source code
logFinished(self, log) source code
addURL(self, name, url) source code
setText(self, text) source code
setText2(self, text) source code
setStatistic(self, name, value)
Set the given statistic.
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stepFinished(self, results) source code
checkLogfiles(self) source code
Get state, adding a version number to it on its way out.
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__setstate__(self, d) source code
upgradeToVersion1(self) source code
upgradeToVersion2(self) source code
asDict(self) source code

Inherited from twisted.persisted.styles.Versioned: __providedBy__, versionUpgrade

Class Variables
  persistenceVersion = 2
  started = None
  finished = None
buildbot.status.progress.StepProgress progress = None
tracks ETA for the step
list of strings text = []
list of short texts that describe the command and its status
  results = (None, [])
list of strings text2 = []
list of short texts added to the overall build description
  watchers = []
  updates = {}
  finishedWatchers = []
  __implemented__ = <implementedBy buildbot.status.builder.Build...
  __provides__ = <zope.interface.declarations.ClassProvides obje...

Inherited from twisted.persisted.styles.Versioned: persistenceForgets

Instance Variables
dict statistics = {}
results from running this step
dict of string -> buildbot.status.builder.LogFile logs
logs of steps
Method Details


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Returns a short string with the name of this step. This string may have spaces in it.


source code 

Returns a list of strings which describe the step. These are intended to be displayed in a narrow column. If more space is available, the caller should join them together with spaces before presenting them to the user.


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Return a tuple describing the results of the step. 'result' is one of the constants in buildbot.status.builder: SUCCESS, WARNINGS, FAILURE, or SKIPPED. 'strings' is an optional list of strings that the step wants to append to the overall build's results. These strings are usually more terse than the ones returned by getText(): in particular, successful Steps do not usually contribute any text to the overall build.

Returns: tuple of int, list of strings
(result, strings)

setStatistic(self, name, value)

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Set the given statistic. Usually called by subclasses.


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Get state, adding a version number to it on its way out.

Overrides: twisted.persisted.styles.Versioned.__getstate__
(inherited documentation)

__setstate__(self, d)

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Overrides: twisted.persisted.styles.Versioned.__setstate__

Class Variable Details


<implementedBy buildbot.status.builder.BuildStepStatus>


<zope.interface.declarations.ClassProvides object at 0x104b050>