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Class BuildersResource

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twisted.web.resource.Resource --+    
                base.HtmlResource --+

Nested Classes

Inherited from twisted.web.resource.Resource: entityType

Instance Methods
body(self, req) source code
getChild(self, path, req)
Retrieve a 'child' resource from me.
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Inherited from base.HtmlResource: authUser, content, fillTemplate, footer, getChangemaster, getControl, getStatus, getTitle, head, isUsingUserPasswd, path_to_root, render

Inherited from twisted.web.resource.Resource: __init__, __providedBy__, delEntity, getChildForRequest, getChildWithDefault, getDynamicEntity, getStaticEntity, listDynamicEntities, listDynamicNames, listEntities, listNames, listStaticEntities, listStaticNames, putChild, reallyPutEntity, render_HEAD

Class Variables
  title = 'Builders'
  addSlash = True

Inherited from base.HtmlResource: contentType

Inherited from twisted.web.resource.Resource: __implemented__, __provides__, isLeaf, server

Method Details

body(self, req)

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Overrides: base.HtmlResource.body

getChild(self, path, req)

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Retrieve a 'child' resource from me.

Implement this to create dynamic resource generation -- resources which are always available may be registered with self.putChild().

This will not be called if the class-level variable 'isLeaf' is set in your subclass; instead, the 'postpath' attribute of the request will be left as a list of the remaining path elements.

For example, the URL /foo/bar/baz will normally be:

 | site.resource.getChild('foo').getChild('bar').getChild('baz').

However, if the resource returned by 'bar' has isLeaf set to true, then the getChild call will never be made on it.

  • path - a string, describing the child
  • request - a twisted.web.server.Request specifying meta-information about the request that is being made for this child.
Overrides: twisted.web.resource.Resource.getChild
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