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Class LogFile

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A LogFile keeps all of its contents on disk, in a non-pickle format to which new entries can easily be appended. The file on disk has a name like 12-log-compile-output, under the Builder's directory. The actual filename is generated (before the LogFile is created) by BuildStatus.generateLogfileName.

Old LogFile pickles (which kept their contents in .entries) must be upgraded. The BuilderStatus is responsible for doing this, when it loads the BuildStatus into memory. The Build pickle is not modified, so users who go from 0.6.5 back to 0.6.4 don't have to lose their logs.

Instance Methods
__init__(self, parent, name, logfilename) source code
getFilename(self) source code
hasContents(self) source code
getName(self) source code
getStep(self) source code
isFinished(self) source code
waitUntilFinished(self) source code
getFile(self) source code
getText(self) source code
getTextWithHeaders(self) source code
getChunks(self, channels=[], onlyText=False) source code
readlines(self, channel=0)
Return an iterator that produces newline-terminated lines, excluding header chunks.
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subscribe(self, receiver, catchup) source code
unsubscribe(self, receiver) source code
subscribeConsumer(self, consumer) source code
merge(self) source code
addEntry(self, channel, text) source code
addStdout(self, text) source code
addStderr(self, text) source code
addHeader(self, text) source code
finish(self) source code
compressLog(self) source code
__getstate__(self) source code
__setstate__(self, d) source code
upgrade(self, logfilename)
Save our .entries to a new-style offline log file (if necessary), and modify our in-memory representation to use it.
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Object Specification Descriptor
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Class Variables
  finished = False
  length = 0
  nonHeaderLength = 0
  tailLength = 0
  chunkSize = 10000
  runLength = 0
  logMaxSize = None
  logMaxTailSize = None
  maxLengthExceeded = False
  runEntries = []
  entries = None
  filename = None
  openfile = None
  compressMethod = 'bz2'
  __implemented__ = <implementedBy buildbot.status.builder.LogFile>
  __provides__ = <zope.interface.declarations.ClassProvides obje...
Method Details

__init__(self, parent, name, logfilename)

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  • parent (BuildStepStatus) - the Step that this log is a part of
  • name (string) - the name of this log, typically 'output'
  • logfilename (string) - the Builder-relative pathname for the saved entries

upgrade(self, logfilename)

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Save our .entries to a new-style offline log file (if necessary), and modify our in-memory representation to use it. The original pickled LogFile (inside the pickled Build) won't be modified.

Class Variable Details


<zope.interface.declarations.ClassProvides object at 0xf7cf50>