5.63. Release Notes for Buildbot 0.9.0rc3

The following are the release notes for Buildbot 0.9.0rc3. This version was released on September 14, 2016.

See Upgrading to Buildbot 0.9.0 for a guide to upgrading from 0.8.x to 0.9.x

5.63.1. Master Features Fixes

  • Publish python module buildbot.buildslave in the dist files

  • Upgrade to guanlecoja 0.7 (for compatibility with node6)

  • Fix invocation of trial on windows, with twisted 16+

  • Fix rare issue which makes buildbot throw a exception when there is a sourcestamp with no change for a particular codebase.

5.63.2. Details

For a more detailed description of the changes made in this version, see the git log itself:

git log v0.9.0rc2..v0.9.0rc3