This formatter can be used to generate arbitrary messages according to arbitrary calculations. As opposed to MessageFormatterRenderable, more information is made available to this reporter.

class buildbot.reporters.message.MessageFormatterFunction(function, template_type, want_properties=True, wantProperties=None, want_steps=False, wantSteps=None, wantLogs=None, want_logs=False, want_logs_content=False)
  • function (callable) – A callable that will be called with a dictionary that contains build key with the value that contains the build dictionary as received from the data API.

  • template_type (string) – either plain, html or json depending on the output of the formatter. JSON output must not be encoded.

  • want_properties (boolean) – include ‘properties’ in the build dictionary

  • wantProperties (boolean) – deprecated, use want_properties instead

  • want_steps (boolean) – include ‘steps’ in the build dictionary

  • wantSteps (boolean) – deprecated, use want_steps instead

  • wantLogs (boolean) – deprecated, use want_logs and want_logs_content set to the same value.

  • want_logs (boolean) – include ‘logs’ in the steps dictionaries. This implies wantSteps=True. This includes only log metadata, for content use want_logs_content.

  • want_logs_content (boolean) – include logs content in the logs dictionaries. This implies want_logs=True and wantSteps=True. This dumps the full content of logs and may consume lots of memory and CPU depending on the log size.