Buildbot no longer supports Python 2.7 on the Buildbot master. BitbucketServerStatusPush

from buildbot.plugins import reporters

ss = reporters.BitbucketServerStatusPush('',

BitbucketServerStatusPush publishes build status using BitbucketServer Build Integration REST API. The build status is published to a specific commit SHA in Bitbucket Server. It tracks the last build for each builderName for each commit built.

Specifically, it follows the Updating build status for commits document.

It requires txrequests package to allow interaction with Bitbucket Server REST API.

It uses HTTP Basic AUTH. As a result, we recommend you use https in your base_url rather than http.

class BitbucketServerStatusPush(base_url, user, password, key=None, statusName=None, startDescription=None, endDescription=None, verbose=False, builders=None)
  • base_url (string) – The base url of the Bitbucket Server host, up to and optionally including the first / of the path.

  • user (string) – The Bitbucket Server user to post as. (can be a Secret)

  • password (string) – The Bitbucket Server user’s password. (can be a Secret)

  • string key (renderable) – Passed to Bitbucket Server to differentiate between statuses. A static string can be passed or Interpolate for dynamic substitution. The default key is %(prop:buildername)s.

  • string statusName (renderable) – The name that is displayed for this status. The default name is nothing, so Bitbucket Server will use the key parameter.

  • string startDescription (renderable) – Custom start message (default: ‘Build started.’)

  • string endDescription (renderable) – Custom end message (default: ‘Build done.’)

  • verbose (boolean) – If True, logs a message for each successful status push.

  • builders (list) – Only send update for specified builders.

  • verify (boolean) – disable ssl verification for the case you use temporary self signed certificates

  • debug (boolean) – logs every requests and their response