3.5.1. Builds

The Build class represents a running build, with associated steps. Build

class buildbot.process.build.Build

The ID of this build in the database.

getSummaryStatistic(name, summary_fn, initial_value=None)
  • name – statistic name to summarize
  • summary_fn – callable with two arguments that will combine two values
  • initial_value – first value to pass to summary_fn

summarized result

This method summarizes the named step statistic over all steps in which it exists, using combination_fn and initial_value to combine multiple results into a single result. This translates to a call to Python’s reduce:

return reduce(summary_fn, step_stats_list, initial_value)
Returns:Url as string

Returns url of the build in the UI. Build must be started. This is useful for customs steps.