3.2.2. Definitions

Buildbot uses some terms and concepts that have specific meanings. Repository

See Repository. Project

See Project. Version Control Comparison

Buildbot supports a number of version control systems, and they don’t all agree on their terms. This table should help to disambiguate them.

Name Change Revision Branches
CVS patch [1] timestamp unnamed
Subversion revision integer directories
Git commit sha1 hash named refs
Mercurial changeset sha1 hash different repos or (permanently) named commits
Darcs ? none [2] different repos
Bazaar ? ? ?
Perforce ? ? ?
BitKeeper changeset ? different repos
  • [1] note that CVS only tracks patches to individual files. Buildbot tries to recognize coordinated changes to multiple files by correlating change times.
  • [2] Darcs does not have a concise way of representing a particular revision of the source.