Build Result Codes

Buildbot represents the status of a step, build, or buildset using a set of numeric constants. From Python, these constants are available in the module buildbot.status.results, but the values also appear in the database and in external tools, so the values are fixed.


Value: 0; color: green; a successful run.


Value: 1; color: orange; a successful run, with some warnings.


Value: 2; color: red; a failed run, due to problems in the build itself, as opposed to a Buildbot misconfiguration or bug.


Value: 3; color: white; a run that was skipped -- usually a step skipped by doStepIf (see Common Parameters)


Value: 4; color: purple; a run that failed due to a problem in Buildbot itself.


Value: 4; color: purple; a run that should be retried, usually due to a slave disconnection.


A dictionary mapping result codes to their lowercase names.

buildbot.status.results.worst_status(a, b)

This function takes two status values, and returns the "worst" status of the two. This is used (with exceptions) to aggregate step statuses into build statuses, and build statuses into buildset statuses.