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4.6.2 Multi-master mode

Normally buildbot operates using a single master process that uses the configured database to save state.

It is possible to configure buildbot to have multiple master processes that share state in the same database. This has been well tested using a MySQL database. There are several benefits of Multi-master mode:

State that is shared in the database includes:

Because of this shared state, you are strongly encouraged to:

One suggested configuration is to have one buildbot master configured with just the scheduler and change sources; and then other masters configured with just the builders.

To enable multi-master mode in this configuration, you will need to set the multiMaster option so that buildbot doesn't warn about missing schedulers or builders. You will also need to set db_poll_interval to the masters with only builders check the database for new build requests at the configured interval.

     # Enable multiMaster mode; disables warnings about unknown builders and
     # schedulers
     c['multiMaster'] = True
     # Check for new build requests every 60 seconds
     c['db_poll_interval'] = 60