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The Darcs build step performs a Darcs checkout or update.

Like See SVN, this step can either be configured to always check out a specific tree, or set up to pull from a particular branch that gets specified separately for each build. Also like SVN, the repository URL given to Darcs is created by concatenating a baseURL with the branch name, and if no particular branch is requested, it uses a defaultBranch. The only difference in usage is that each potential Darcs repository URL must point to a fully-fledged repository, whereas SVN URLs usually point to sub-trees of the main Subversion repository. In other words, doing an SVN checkout of baseURL is legal, but silly, since you'd probably wind up with a copy of every single branch in the whole repository. Doing a Darcs checkout of baseURL is just plain wrong, since the parent directory of a collection of Darcs repositories is not itself a valid repository.

The Darcs step takes the following arguments:

(required unless baseURL is provided): the URL at which the Darcs source repository is available.
(required unless repourl is provided): the base repository URL, to which a branch name will be appended. It should probably end in a slash.
(allowed if and only if baseURL is provided): this specifies the name of the branch to use when a Build does not provide one of its own. This will be appended to baseURL to create the string that will be passed to the darcs get command.