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6 Command-line Tools

This section describes command-line tools available after buildbot installation. Since version 0.8 the one-for-all buildbot command-line tool was divided into two parts namely buildbot and buildslave. The last one was separated from main command-line tool to minimize dependencies required for running a buildslave while leaving all other functions to buildbot tool.

Every command-line tool has a list of global options and a set of commands which have their own options. One can run these tools in the following way:

     buildbot [global options] command [command options]

Global options are the same for both tools which perform the following actions:

Print general help about available commands and global options and exit. All subsequent arguments are ignored.
Set verbose output.
Print current buildbot version and exit. All subsequent arguments are ignored.

One can also get help on any command by specifying –help as a command option:

     buildbot command --help

You can also use manual pages for buildbot and buildslave for quick reference on command-line options.