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bzr is a descendant of Arch/Baz, and is frequently referred to as simply “Bazaar”. The repository-vs-workspace model is similar to Darcs, but it uses a strictly linear sequence of revisions (one history per branch) like Arch. Branches are put in subdirectories. This makes it look very much like Mercurial. It takes the following arguments:

(required unless baseURL is provided): the URL at which the Bzr source repository is available.
(required unless repourl is provided): the base repository URL, to which a branch name will be appended. It should probably end in a slash.
(allowed if and only if baseURL is provided): this specifies the name of the branch to use when a Build does not provide one of its own. This will be appended to baseURL to create the string that will be passed to the bzr checkout command.
(boolean, optional, defaults to False): If set to True, the working directory will be made into a bzr shared repository if it is not already. Shared repository greatly reduces the amount of history data that needs to be downloaded if not using update/copy mode, or if using update/copy mode with multiple branches.