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You can use build properties in ShellCommands by using the WithProperties wrapper when setting the arguments of the ShellCommand. This interpolates the named build properties into the generated shell command. Most step parameters accept WithProperties. Please file bugs for any parameters which do not.

     from import ShellCommand
     from import WithProperties
               command=["tar", "czf",
                        WithProperties("build-%s.tar.gz", "revision"),

If this BuildStep were used in a tree obtained from Subversion, it would create a tarball with a name like build-1234.tar.gz.

The WithProperties function does printf-style string interpolation, using strings obtained by calling build.getProperty(propname). Note that for every %s (or %d, etc), you must have exactly one additional argument to indicate which build property you want to insert.

You can also use python dictionary-style string interpolation by using the %(propname)s syntax. In this form, the property name goes in the parentheses, and WithProperties takes no additional arguments:

               command=["tar", "czf",

Don't forget the extra “s” after the closing parenthesis! This is the cause of many confusing errors.

The dictionary-style interpolation supports a number of more advanced syntaxes, too.

If propname exists, substitute its value; otherwise, substitute replacement. replacement may be empty (%(propname:-)s)
Like propname:-replacement, but only substitutes the value of property propname if it is something Python regards as "true". Python considers None, 0, empty lists, and the empty string to be false, so such values will be replaced by replacement.
If propname exists, substitute replacement; otherwise, substitute an empty string.

Although these are similar to shell substitutions, no other substitutions are currently supported, and replacement in the above cannot contain more substitutions.

If you need to do more complex substitution, you can pass keyword arguments to WithProperties. The value of each keyword argument should be a function that takes one argument (the existing properties) and returns a string value that will be used to replace that key:

     WithProperties('%(now)s', now=lambda _: time.clock())
     def determine_foo(props):
         if props.has_key('bar'):
             return props['bar']
         elif props.has_key('baz'):
             return props['baz']
         return 'qux'
     WithProperties('%(foo)s', foo=determine_foo)

Note: like python, you can either do positional-argument interpolation or keyword-argument interpolation, not both. Thus you cannot use a string like WithProperties("foo-%(revision)s-%s", "branch").