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2.5.2 Upgrading a Buildmaster to Buildbot-0.8.0

Buildbot-0.8.0 introduces a database backend, which is SQLite by default. The upgrade-master command will automatically create and populate this database with the changes the buildmaster has seen. Note that, as of this release, build history is not contained in the database, and is thus not migrated.

The upgrade process renames the Changes pickle ($basedir/changes.pck) to changes.pck.old once the upgrade is complete. To reverse the upgrade, simply downgrade Buildbot and move this file back to its original name. You may also wish to delete the state database (state.sqlite).

Change Encoding Issues

The upgrade process assumes that strings in your Changes pickle are encoded in UTF-8 (or plain ASCII). If this is not the case, and if there are non-UTF-8 characters in the pickle, the upgrade will fail with a suitable error message. If this occurs, you have two options. If the change history is not important to your purpose, you can simply delete changes.pck.

If you would like to keep the change history, then you will need to figure out which encoding is in use, and use contrib/ (see Contrib Scripts) to rewrite the changes pickle into Unicode before upgrading the master. A typical invocation (with Mac-Roman encoding) might look like:

     $ python $buildbot/contrib/ changes.pck macroman
     decoding bytestrings in changes.pck using macroman
     converted 11392 strings
     backing up changes.pck to changes.pck.old

If your Changes pickle uses multiple encodings, you're on your own, but the script in contrib may provide a good starting point for the fix.