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2.10 Shutdown

To stop a buildmaster or buildslave manually, use:

     buildbot stop BASEDIR
     # or
     buildslave stop SLAVE_BASEDIR

This simply looks for the file and kills whatever process is identified within.

At system shutdown, all processes are sent a SIGKILL. The buildmaster and buildslave will respond to this by shutting down normally.

The buildmaster will respond to a SIGHUP by re-reading its config file. Of course, this only works on unix-like systems with signal support, and won't work on Windows. The following shortcut is available:

     buildbot reconfig BASEDIR

When you update the Buildbot code to a new release, you will need to restart the buildmaster and/or buildslave before it can take advantage of the new code. You can do a buildbot stop BASEDIR and buildbot start BASEDIR in quick succession, or you can use the restart shortcut, which does both steps for you:

     buildbot restart BASEDIR

Buildslaves can similarly be restarted with:

     buildslave restart BASEDIR

There are certain configuration changes that are not handled cleanly by buildbot reconfig. If this occurs, buildbot restart is a more robust tool to fully switch over to the new configuration.

buildbot restart may also be used to start a stopped Buildbot instance. This behaviour is useful when writing scripts that stop, start and restart Buildbot.

A buildslave may also be gracefully shutdown from the see WebStatus status plugin. This is useful to shutdown a buildslave without interrupting any current builds. The buildmaster will wait until the buildslave is finished all its current builds, and will then tell the buildslave to shutdown.