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The Repo build step performs a Repo init and sync.

The Repo step takes the following arguments:

(required): the URL at which the Repo's manifests source repository is available.
(optional, defaults to master): the manifest repository branch on which repo will take its manifest. Corresponds to the -b argument to the repo init command.
(optional, defaults to default.xml): the manifest filename. Corresponds to the -m argument to the repo init command.
(optional, defaults to None): the repo tarball used for fast bootstrap. If not present the tarball will be created automatically after first sync. It is a copy of the .repo directory which contains all the git objects. This feature helps to minimize network usage on very big projects.

This Source step integrates with GerritChangeSource, and will automatically use the repo download command of repo to download the additionnal changes introduced by a pending changeset.

Gerrit integration can be also triggered using forced build with following properties: repo_d, repo_d[0-9], repo_download, repo_download[0-9] with values in format: project/change_number/patchset_number. All of these properties will be translated into a repo download. This feature allows integrators to build with several pending interdependent changes, which at the moment cannot be described properly in Gerrit, and can only be described by humans.