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5.3.2 debugclient

     buildbot debugclient --master MASTERHOST:PORT --passwd DEBUGPW

This launches a small Gtk+/Glade-based debug tool, connecting to the buildmaster's “debug port”. This debug port shares the same port number as the slaveport (see Setting the PB Port for Slaves), but the debugPort is only enabled if you set a debug password in the buildmaster's config file (see Debug Options). The --passwd option must match the c['debugPassword'] value.

--master can also be provided in .debug/options by the master key. --passwd can be provided by the debugPassword key. See .buildbot config directory.

The Connect button must be pressed before any of the other buttons will be active. This establishes the connection to the buildmaster. The other sections of the tool are as follows:

Reload .cfg
Forces the buildmaster to reload its master.cfg file. This is equivalent to sending a SIGHUP to the buildmaster, but can be done remotely through the debug port. Note that it is a good idea to be watching the buildmaster's twistd.log as you reload the config file, as any errors which are detected in the config file will be announced there.
Rebuild .py
(not yet implemented). The idea here is to use Twisted's “rebuild” facilities to replace the buildmaster's running code with a new version. Even if this worked, it would only be used by buildbot developers.
poke IRC
This locates a words.IRC status target and causes it to emit a message on all the channels to which it is currently connected. This was used to debug a problem in which the buildmaster lost the connection to the IRC server and did not attempt to reconnect.
This allows you to inject a Change, just as if a real one had been delivered by whatever VC hook you are using. You can set the name of the committed file and the name of the user who is doing the commit. Optionally, you can also set a revision for the change. If the revision you provide looks like a number, it will be sent as an integer, otherwise it will be sent as a string.
Force Build
This lets you force a Builder (selected by name) to start a build of the current source tree.
(obsolete). This was used to manually set the status of the given Builder, but the status-assignment code was changed in an incompatible way and these buttons are no longer meaningful.