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The Mercurial build step performs a Mercurial (aka “hg”) checkout or update.

Branches are available in two modes: ”dirname” like See Darcs, or ”inrepo”, which uses the repository internal branches. Make sure this setting matches your changehook, if you have that installed.

The Mercurial step takes the following arguments:

(required unless baseURL is provided): the URL at which the Mercurial source repository is available.
(required unless repourl is provided): the base repository URL, to which a branch name will be appended. It should probably end in a slash.
(allowed if and only if baseURL is provided): this specifies the name of the branch to use when a Build does not provide one of its own. This will be appended to baseURL to create the string that will be passed to the hg clone command.
either 'dirname' (default) or 'inrepo' depending on whether the branch name should be appended to the baseURL or the branch is a mercurial named branch and can be found within the repourl.
boolean, defaults to True. If set and using inrepos branches, clobber the tree at each branch change. Otherwise, just update to the branch.