Buildbot no longer supports Python 2.7 on the Buildbot master.


This page documents the latest, unreleased version of Buildbot. For documentation for released versions, see GitHubStatusPush

from buildbot.plugins import reporters, util

context = Interpolate("bb/%(prop:buildername)s")
c['services'].append(reporters.GitHubStatusPush(token='githubAPIToken', context=context))

GitHubStatusPush publishes a build status using the GitHub Status API.

It requires txrequests package to allow interaction with the GitHub REST API.

It requires a GitHub API token in order to operate.

You can create a token from your own GitHub - Profile - Applications - Register new application or use an external tool to generate one.

class buildbot.plugins.reporters.GitHubStatusPush(token, context=None, generators=None, baseURL=None, verbose=False)
  • token (string) – Token used for authentication. (can be a Secret)

  • context (renderable string) – Passed to GitHub to differentiate between statuses. A static string can be passed or Interpolate for dynamic substitution. The default context is buildbot/%(prop:buildername)s.

  • generators (list of IReportGenerator instances) – A list of report generators that will be used to generate reports to be sent by this reporter. Currently the reporter will consider only the report generated by the first generator.

  • baseURL (string) – Specify the github api endpoint if you work with GitHub Enterprise

  • verbose (boolean) – If True, logs a message for each successful status push