This page documents the latest, unreleased version of Buildbot. For documentation for released versions, see

3.2.2. Definitions

Buildbot uses some terms and concepts that have specific meanings. Repository

See Repository. Project

See Project. Version Control Comparison

Buildbot supports a number of version control systems, and they don’t all agree on their terms. This table should help to disambiguate them.

Name Change Revision Branches
CVS patch [1] timestamp unnamed
Subversion revision integer directories
Git commit sha1 hash named refs
Mercurial changeset sha1 hash different repos or (permanently) named commits
Darcs ? none [2] different repos
Bazaar ? ? ?
Perforce ? ? ?
BitKeeper changeset ? different repos
  • [1] note that CVS only tracks patches to individual files. Buildbot tries to recognize coordinated changes to multiple files by correlating change times.
  • [2] Darcs does not have a concise way of representing a particular revision of the source.