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4.7.6 BonsaiPoller

The BonsaiPoller periodically polls a Bonsai server. This is a CGI script accessed through a web server that provides information about a CVS tree, for example the Mozilla bonsai server at Bonsai servers are usable by both humans and machines. In this case, the buildbot's change source forms a query which asks about any files in the specified branch which have changed since the last query.

BonsaiPoller accepts the following arguments:

The base URL of the Bonsai server, e.g.,
The module to look for changes in. Commonly this is all.
The branch to look for changes in. This will appear in the branch field of the resulting change objects.
The tree to look for changes in. Commonly this is all.
The CVS root of the repository. Usually this is /cvsroot.
The time (in seconds) between queries for changes.
The project name to attach to all change objects produced by this change source.