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4.6.1 Choosing a Change Source

There are a variety of ChangeSources available, some of which are meant to be used in conjunction with other tools to deliver Change events from the VC repository to the buildmaster.

As a quick guide, here is a list of VC systems and the ChangeSources that might be useful with them. All of these ChangeSources are in the buildbot.changes module. The contrib/ scripts mentioned below are available on github - see Contrib Scripts.

NOTE: The CVS change sources FreshCVSSource, FCMaildirSource, BonsaiMaildirSource and SyncmailMaildirSource are flagged as depreciated. If you are still using them, please send mail to the buildbot list.





Bzr (the newer Bazaar)


All VC systems can be driven by a PBChangeSource, and the buildbot sendchange tool run from some form of commit script. If you write an email parsing function, they can also all be driven by a suitable MaildirSource. Additionally, handlers for web-based notification (i.e. from github) can be used with WebStatus' change_hook module. The interface is simple, so adding your own handlers (and sharing!) should be a breeze.