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Class DirectoryLister

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 twisted.web.resource.Resource --+    
twisted.web.static.DirectoryLister --+
                        object --+   |
                                 |   |
                      ContextMixin --+

This variant of the static.DirectoryLister uses a template for rendering.

Nested Classes

Inherited from twisted.web.resource.Resource: entityType

Instance Methods
render(self, request)
Render a listing of the content of self.path.
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Class Variables
  title = 'BuildBot'

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Instance Variables

Inherited from twisted.web.static.DirectoryLister: contentEncodings, defaultType, dirs, linePattern, path, template


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Method Details

render(self, request)

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Render a listing of the content of self.path.

Overrides: twisted.web.resource.Resource.render
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