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4.5.2 Project Definitions

There are a couple of basic settings that you use to tell the buildbot what it is working on. This information is used by status reporters to let users find out more about the codebase being exercised by this particular Buildbot installation.

Note that these parameters were added long before Buildbot became able to build multiple projects in a single buildmaster, and thus assume that there is only one project. While the configuration parameter names may be confusing, a suitable choice of name and URL should help users avoid any confusion.

     c['projectName'] = "Buildbot"
     c['projectURL'] = ""
     c['buildbotURL'] = "http://localhost:8010/"

projectName is a short string will be used to describe the project that this buildbot is working on. For example, it is used as the title of the waterfall HTML page.

projectURL is a string that gives a URL for the project as a whole. HTML status displays will show projectName as a link to projectURL, to provide a link from buildbot HTML pages to your project's home page.

The buildbotURL string should point to the location where the buildbot's internal web server is visible. This typically uses the port number set when you create the Waterfall object: the buildbot needs your help to figure out a suitable externally-visible host name.

When status notices are sent to users (either by email or over IRC), buildbotURL will be used to create a URL to the specific build or problem that they are being notified about. It will also be made available to queriers (over IRC) who want to find out where to get more information about this buildbot.